Sunday, December 18, 2016

Playing with Sky Overlays

Spent some time this week playing with several things.  Revising the DCompton Logo... {again, LOL}, and also looking for ways to improve some photos.

Found a new photographer resource in Morgan Burks site;

Her free samples let you try out her product.  Something I appreciate.  Since I get to see how her products will work before plopping my money down.  You do have to use your e-mail, but hey... they are useful and a great tool to have.

The tutorials are very clear and helpful.  I only looked at a couple this weekend, but will surely be going back to her list to check out more of them.

Following her instructions of the Sky Overlay Tutorial lead me to try combining these two pics:

I love the focus of the grass heads in contrast to the soft focus on the girl's face.  For the edit I used a sharpening brush over her body and foreground, then overlaid the sky.  Following Morgan Burks' tip on matching the overlay to the focus of the horizon in the photo, I used a fairly heavy gaussian blur to soften the sharpness of the clouds.  The finished product is very nice.

Here is the link to the free sample products: overlay, actions, etc. that you can try out from Morgan Burks.

I have my eye on her collection of Cinematic Overlays.  Who wouldn't want this fabulous collection of 102 overlays?

Now I find myself going back through my photos to see what ones have stunning skies that I can use to spruce up the tops of the photos I am editing.  ;-)

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