Friday, January 6, 2017

Finding corners of large object or layer in Photoshop

Mixing and matching different photos, pngs, vectors, etc. is one aspect that makes photo manipulation so addictive.  Most of these are various sizes and shapes, and have to be resized to 'fit' with what your vision is.

A headache that I kept coming across working on different book covers, was adding an object/background/etc. and not being able to find the edges to 'transform' it to a manageable size.  {Hard to find a trick for it on-line.}

But, I did stumble across how to get this done.  And even managed to do it a second time, and a third!  So... in case you have been trying to find a work around for this.  Here ya' go!

1) Have your PS doc open {I think this is a given, but...}

2) Select the layer that needs to be reduced, and open transform tool.  'Ctrl' + 'T'
The X and Box will now show up, but the corners {all of them, or just two} won't be within the doc bounds.

3) 'Ctrl' + '0' {zero} moves the view back til the bounds of the layer are visible.  Ta-Da!!!
Now you can size down the image, move it around, flip it, etc. without struggling to find the corner and see where the layer will end up in relation to your other layers.

4) Now click on a different layer, or close out of the transform tool {click on brush tool or something}, then 'Ctrl' + '0' {zero} will take you back to your background size layer filling the window.

Now you can keep the layer uncropped for fast resizing if needed, and still find the corners easily. Hope this helps speed up your Photoshop processes!

Sources used in this image:
Model: Diana 3 by CathleenTaraWhiti
Background: Countryside by Cathleen TaraWhiti
Smoke Brushes: from Smoke Action Pack by Seven Styles
Gate: Minaya86 Stocks

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